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Canada has eased the work permit stream causing happiness in H-1B visa holders in America. Read how?

The government of United States of America had turned its Visa policies to more stringent ones by hardening it for H-1B visa (H-1B visas allow foreign nationals to work temporarily in the US, primarily in specialised occupations within the technology sector) holders to apply for citizenship or find lucrative jobs in the country however the good news comes from Canada for the people who are worried about their work permit and going abroad as the Canadian government has slightly changed its certain Visa rules.

These Visa rules are indicated to be a source of booster for the techies including the ones who are already in Canada as well as in other countries especially the United States.

It was reported on 27 June 2023 that Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, had announced the creation of an open work permit stream, which would enable 10,000 American H-1B visa holders to work in Canada. The official release from Canada’s Ministry of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship also stated that the program would extend study or work permits to family members of H-1B visa holders.

There are thousands of Indians who are working in US who can use this new Visa rule to settle permanently in Canada.

How it is beneficial?

The process of obtaining a PR ( Permanent residency) in US is a lengthy process and it takes years and still theres no guarantee of success and many people had to look for options in other countries or back in India.

But these rules will offer the Visa holders an alternative.

With this new rule many visa holders and people working in US will become eligible for the PR.

The world has seen a shift recently as many companies are laying off its work strength due to changing world scenario and chances of a recession due to COVID-19 and the Russia Ukraine war abrupt disruption of supply chains.

Due to this H-1B visa holders faced problems and were worried about their future. Now their sposes and family members will also be eligible to settle in Canada and apply for work permit.

There have been issues where the people working in US had to take up low paying jobs due to the layoffs and the danger to going back to India with nothing in hand after spending so much.

For more details one can check the official website of the canada government.



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