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Corporate culture

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Do you get rewarded for your hard work at job or is it the boss who takes away all the credit and make sure he/she keeps up in good eyes of the management.

I am sure everyone of you have had stories those of you have worked in corporates where some one else took away the credit, maybe the one who you think haven't worked hard enough is getting promoted ahead of you or maybe your junior has got placed at even higher package somewhere.

Especially in today's time where we are connected through the Internet its quite challenging to keep a check because things have become noisy a lot rather then peaceful. It seems everyone is running after something which is never ending game.

This is what is the corporate culture of India these days, somewhere you see partnerships are happening in a club over a drink and somewhere things are turning out to be great for some.

Everyday waiting for the weekend and the end of month so the salary gets credited in the account is something moving our lives. But this is the corporate culture across the world.

Nowadays we don't often see staff standing outside a cigarette shop outside an office during lunch breaks because of COVID a lot offices have moved work from home permanent while some are operating on hybrid mode while many have shifted their offices to small size offices than what used to be the size earlier.

New companies are opening each days and many shutting down as well, the businesses that moved digital on time have some how survived even if there sector have performed badly while we the IT sector have boomed and so are the salaries. But that's good. One thing which is very bad and even happening today that is the companies aren't maintaining a good culture everywhere and not offering appropriate money to the people according to the work. Everyone knows that there's huge supply of workforce that they can use it for making more profits on the work of hardworking Indians.

India's average age is 27 which is quite high and better then other western nations. A lot western companies are coming to India to leverage the supply of workers and get things done on cheap prices.

Well, can't be said more as demand and supply are the norms that existed even 1000 years back , hope things change soon and Indians get their share of money for the work they put in. Remember one thing you are working hard and things will change just keep going patiently.



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