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Cricket 2023 world cup belongs to INDIA, no matter what is the result of finals.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Rohit Sharma lead India in the cricket World Cup 2023, he has been a successful captain throughout the Asia Cup 2023 in Sri Lanka, that India won. Looking at the way India has played in the world cup 2023, is really a proud and warming as a cricket fan as well as an Indian. This compels to say, that either India wins or loses, they are the champions in this world cup, unfortunately it was not Indian cricket teams best performance in the finals, however looking at the momentum and form the players have right now apart from love of 1.3 billion citizens of India. Mohammed Shami has been an X factor this world cup by finding a place in the team on the exit of Hardik Pandya due to leg injury. This shows how fortune plans its things and today Md Shami is proven as the most successful bowler in the world cup despite playing only 7 games and took most wickets. Apart from this the class of Virat Kohli is outstanding and no words on that because we are tired of praising him, he is a forever legend. Then all other players such as Shubhman Gill, Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul (awesome wicket keeping), Kuldeep Yadav, Bumrah and Md Siraj.

Image credits: insta - Indian cricket team

Also, looking at the past performance of worlds best cricket team (India) it comes out clear that there is something to do with knockout matches where the boys fail despite being high on confidence and skill. Past 10 years India has lost almost all the finals or semi finals. Some areas can be really looked upon such as bit of changes in the team in knockout matches, although that will be huge risk because no one wants to change the team if it is winning, but team choice should be made for that particular day, as all the 15 player squad are world class no doubt on that but who stands tall and delivers for the team on that day is what matters. For example: train people who are knockout special and play cricket courageously maybe they are not consistent but play great when its a pressure game, they can be used for under pressure games and dont bow down under pressure, while India has many skilled players but cups are equally important.

Nevermind, coming to the Captaincy of Rohit Sharma, he deserves heap of praise for playing fearlessly, people close to the dressing room say that the nature of Rohit Sharma is such that everyone feels like talking to him and sharing up if anyone is facing any challenge with their game. Therefore, this world cup belongs to the Captain Rohit Sharma no matter if we lost.

Take a look at the captaincy record of Rohit Sharma


Rohit played 102 matches as Indian captain. He has registered 76 victories and lost 23 and two draws. Making success percentage to 76%


Rohit featured in 9 Test matches where he won five games and faced defeat in two matches, making win percentage of 71.42.


In 42 ODIs under Rohit, India registered 32 wins and nine losses, 1 with no result, making a win percentage of 78.04.


Rohit led India in 51 T20Is and won 39 matches, lost only 12 with a win percentage of 76.47.


The most successful captain in IPL history, Rohit Sharma has played in 158 matches as captain. Rohit has 89 wins and 68 losses. He has won five IPL titles.




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