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Energy Challenges - From Worldwide Lithium to Power in France

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

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To avoid carbon emissions, and run the modern technical world, it needs an ample amount of clean energy. But energy challenges are seen in the worldwide lithium shortage to power in France.

Clean energy in automobiles plays an important role to meet the sustainable development goal in 2030 and the net-zero target by 2050.

But the current crisis is skyrocketing the price of lithium. Lithium is an important reactive silver-white metal, the main ingredient to make batteries to run electric automobiles.

Increase in the cost of lithium, the price of electric vehicles also rising which makes it not affordable for the majority to buy electric vehicles.

To note the jump in the price of Tesla electric energy-run cars, in April 2022 predicted lithium demand will increase from 3 million to 4 million in 2030.

Despite the epidemic, electronic automobile sales rose by seven million in 2021.

It mentioned, "lithium prices skyrocket by around 550 percent in a year: by the beginning of March 2022, the lithium carbonate price had passed $75,000 per metric ton".

In another scenario of energy insufficiency, political rivalry and indecision create a hitch in France.

At present, the minority government in France needs to address many societal issues and one among them is the energy crisis. While the Russia-Ukraine war is the predominant reason, political susceptibility creates challenges for the present and meeting the future goal of the environment through clean energy.

Besides batteries in electronic automobiles lithium is also used for :

  • Energy storage - to store produced energy and use it later.

  • Air mobility - use in air transport systems like choppers and modified airspace operations. wrote both natural and synthetic lithiums can meet the demand to run electronic automobiles.

Political mess in France and greedy business authorities worldwide are fueling the energy shortage undermining the environmental issue.

While setting political differences to meet energy scarcity is necessary, international norms to stabilize lithium prices can make the way to curb the current crisis and environmental targets.


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