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Historical Delhi declaration of the G20 summit, what all the commitments include?

India was instrumental in playing pivotal role to shape the global agenda through its G20 presidency for the year 2022 - 23. It was a grand show and success of Indian diplomacy and year of hardwork that culminated into a successful G20 summit in New Delhi, well organised and planned.

Cherry on the cake was the Delhi declaration that got concensus from all the member countries and the addition of African Union as the permanent member of G20. Lets know of what the Delhi declaration commitments include.

Source: G20

Ten key elements of this commitment include:

  1. Harnessing Digital Advances: Acknowledging the transformative 1role of digital technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and data advancements in advancing the SDGs, the G20 lends its support to the G20 Principles on Harnessing Data for Development (D4D). These principles underscore the responsible and inclusive utilisation of data to drive sustainable development outcomes. Additionally, the G20 welcomes the inauguration of the Data for Development Capacity Building Initiative and other concurrent efforts that harness data as a potent catalyst for development.

  2. Mobilising Global Financial Flows: The G20 member nations reiterate their unwavering commitment to mobilise affordable, sufficient, and accessible financing from diverse sources to support developing countries’ efforts to implement the 2030 Agenda. They call upon developed nations to honour their Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitments, which complement and stimulate development financing from myriad sources, encompassing public, private, domestic, and international sectors.

  3. Role of Tourism and Culture: Within the G20’s framework, tourism and culture emerge as pivotal forces driving sustainable socio-economic advancement and prosperity. The G20 recognises these sectors as potent agents for realising the SDGs and acknowledges the Goa Roadmap for Tourism as an instrumental conduit for their achievement. Consequently, they pledge support to initiatives harmonising tourism and culture with sustainable development objectives.

  4. Forging Collaborative Pathways: The G20 makes an unequivocal commitment to amplify cooperation and partnerships. Under the aegis of the Secretary-General’s initiatives aimed at bridging the SDG financing gap, the United Nations receives a wholehearted endorsement. The G20 also stands as a staunch supporter of the United Nations 2023 SDG Summit and other pertinent processes, underlining their dedication to global sustainable development.

  5. Responsible Capital Mobilisation: The G20’s recognition of the paramount importance of sustainable finance in SDG alignment finds expression in their endorsement of the G20 Sustainable Finance Roadmap. This comprehensive roadmap encompasses recommendations for amplifying the adoption of social impact investment instruments. It serves as a strategic guide for nations to tailor their actions in promoting sustainable finance in alignment with their unique circumstances.

  6. Eliminating Hunger and Malnutrition: The G20’s commitment to bolstering global food security and nutrition hinges on recognising the significance of nutritious food accessibility and sustainable agricultural practices. Emphasising the need for research collaboration on climate-resilient and nutritious crops and the efficient utilisation of fertilisers, the G20 underscores the imperative of soil health improvement.

  7. Mitigating Market Volatility: Mindful of the potential volatility in food and energy markets, the G20 takes cognisance of the macroeconomic ramifications of food and energy insecurity. They emphasise the vital role of replenishing the resources of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in combating food insecurity, thereby ensuring market competitiveness and resilience ahead of policy implementations.

  8. Comprehensive Healthcare Mandate: The G20 underscores the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) central role. They focus on advancing Universal Health Coverage and pandemic preparedness, with commitments encompassing strengthening health services, primary healthcare, and health workforce development, as well as combating infectious diseases, including AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and hepatitis.

  9. Finance-Health Collaboration: Within the collaborative sphere of Finance and Health Ministries, the G20 aspires to fortify the global health architecture dedicated to pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response. Recognising the economic vulnerabilities and risks stemming from pandemics, they advocate for measures to bolster the rapid and efficient deployment of essential financing resources, aligning with discussions in global forums.

  10. Human Capital Development: The G20’s unwavering commitment extends to inclusive, equitable, high-quality education and skills training, underscoring the pivotal role of human capital development. Their dedication encompasses a multifaceted approach, encompassing the promotion of foundational learning, digital inclusivity, technical and vocational education, and the enduring pursuit of lifelong learning.

Furthermore, the G20 emphasises the transformative role of culture in achieving the SDGs.

Source- GOI and ORF



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