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How good 'Communication' skills help's in life?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Do you know that the one who is able to communicate himself/ herself in a much better way has more chances of promotions. He or she is more likely to stay happy and balance his personal and professional life better. Communicating effectively is the most important life skill one can have and is must one. But good thing is everyone can master it, you don't need a special degree for it if you think you haven't made it it yet to your own expectation in terms of communication skills.

Communication skills may take a lifetime to master to all, So don't worry you are there and start whenever you want.

Honest, open communication is the only street that leads us into the real world… We then begin to grow as never before. And once we are on this road, happiness cannot be far away.” ― John Joseph Powel

Basic Pointers about Communication skills:

  • Be a good Listener, it is the best way to be a good communicator. When you listen carefully you are able to understand the expectations and the query/ doubt carefully and can then only, think about being right in answering on what is asked. Otherwise you could be beating around the bush and miss the conversation. Being a good listener requires attention and a clear mind.

  • Watch your Body Language, it is the first thing that communicates because first you present yourself and word comes later (Unless you're an RJ) your body language is the first impression anyone has of you. One important aspect of body language is the clothes you wear. You need to make sure that the clothes are comfortable to you as well as presentable according to the occasion. For interviews you should be in formals and for other discussion's it depends on the audience but formals generally work everywhere.

  • Carry Confidence on your face, it makes other person curious to talk to you and know about you. But make sure don't make it awkward by fake smiling. Keep a gentle smile on the face. Make good eye contact with the person you are talking to at that time, but don't stare.

  • Keep your mind open, enter the conversation with a good mind and open mind and don't keep preconceived unnecessary notions about someone. First talk and get firsthand impression about them and then take the conversation forward in the direction you want to.

  • Show the friendliness rather then rigidity even maybe you're not convinced but this show you respect their views but not agree to them. you can simply pass it on or just say gently, that "I do not agree with you on this", or say "I don't know about this" or, "I don't have good understanding about the topic".

  • Show empathy and sensitivity towards them and watch your words, don't say anything that doesn't suits your organization or yourself.

Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.” – Jim Rohn

Keeping these basic things in mind will definitely make you stand out among others and you would be first in the race, if you have been there to get a deal for yourself or the organization. Maybe you went for the interview.

It is proven that people with good communication skills are more happy and stable with their work and personal life, they never fear the Failure. Good interpersonal skills also teaches, how to handle a relationship with your partner. We are human beings and are bound to disagree and have our difference but good communicators make these differences to go for shorter duration and sort things out quickly.

Using our words are only the tip on the iceberg but main thing is how you put it in front of someone whether it is written or verbal.

Communication can be of different type such as:

  • Verbal communication - That is how you speak and present yourself.

  • Non- verbal communication - How you write and in which format, what ever you have in mind.

Interpersonal skills, when you are face to face with one or more than one person. All these include your listening, visual and written part. So choose it carefully and make a difference.

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