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How madness of Justin Trudeau gave indirect support to violence and extremism in Canada?

As per statement given by Lok Sabha MP Ravneet singh Bittu in the Parliament of India, the political party of Justin Trudeau gets funds from some prominent Gurudwara's (place of worship for sikhs) of Canada.

It has been a norm that Justin Trudeau categorically ignored the requests of Indian government since past long years to protect Indian consulate, diplomats and Indians studying and working in Canada.

Recently, Canadian PM cited in the Parliament of Canada that Indian government agent was involved in killing of a Khalistani (terrorist) in Canada, which he termed as canadian citizen.

By taking this issue up he had indirectly supported violence and vandalism and it only indicates that the politics of Canada has been hijacked.

How the government of Canada responded to a protest in 2020 against their government.

Justin Trudeau activated Emergencies Act for the first time in history and reinforcements from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other law enforcement agencies from across the country were stationed into town. More than 200 people were arrested, including several of the convoy organizers, and money raised by the group was seized.

Reason for protest was that, Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa, were sparked by a mandate that requires Canadian cross-border truckers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Where was the Canada's Freedom of speech and expression gone here?

Real definition of freedom of speech of expression of Canada (Justin Trudeau).

  • Put out hoardings for inciting the killing of Indian diplomats stationed in Canada, is freedom of expression as per Canadian government.

  • Circulation of Posters inciting violence against Canadian Hindus is also a freedom of expression as per Canadians.

  • Parade effigy of Smt. Indira Gandhi assassination on open roads in Canada is expression of peace as per Justin Trudeau.

  • Attack and Vandalise the Indian consulate, is also a freedom of expression as per Canadian government.

  • Spreading hate on social media against Indians and leaders of India is freedom of speech as per Canadian government.

  • Burn/ dishonor the effigies of head of state, that is PM Modi infront of the state police is freedom to protest as per Canadian government.

Image 1 - Inciting violence against Indian diplomats.

Image 2 - Vandalising a temple in Canada.

Image 3 - Parading effigy of Smt. Indira Gandhi on open roads in a rally in Brampton, Canada.

Image 4 - Canadian form of freedom of speech and expression

Well, any neutral person looking at this could see that the decline of the so called fake liberals is on the cards as they have lost to see the difference between violence and freedom, they have lost the sight on why the principles of freedom, liberty, equality, human rights were enshrined by the philosophers in the History of the world.

Why people respected the liberal values, because it protected citizens and not to create divisions and hate.

Hopefully, Canada corrects this mistake by taking things seriously rather than mongering for killing of a terrorist, otherwise it is digging its own grave and playing with fire.

How political parties responded to it in India.

State Congress president Amrinder Singh Raja Warring told The Indian Express, “It is ridiculous what Trudeau has said. Canadian PM is directly blaming India. How can he blame India without any proof? His statement could be detrimental to Punjab. What he has said is provocative. Thousands of people talk about Khalistan … It is unfortunate that someone was murdered. Someone killed someone, how can be India held responsible for this? This is ridiculous.”

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said in a media statement, “Trudeau, unfortunately, walked into a trap owing to vote bank politics and put at stake the diplomatic relationship between India and Canada … It is an irrefutable fact that the Trudeau administration in Canada has given a free hand to anti-India forces in that country.”

“Has the Canadian government taken any action against the culprits who attacked Indian missions there? … Trudeau by leveling such allegations was only trying to deflect the attention from his own failures to curb anti-India activities in that country.

In a statement on X, the Akali Dal said, “We, the Punjabis in general and Sikhs in particular, have made unparalleled sacrifices for the independence, security and integrity of the nation and there can never be a compromise on that. The current developments around relations between India & Canada are extremely worrying as this will adversely affect the lives and livelihood of our people, especially our young students in Canada. The recent statement of the Canadian Prime Minister is a cause of serious concern. The Shiromani Akali Dal urges both the governments of Canada and India to settle the matter not with a confrontationist but with a statesman-like approach.”

Meanwhile, the Defense Minister of Canda had said, "We understand that this can be, and has proven to be, a challenging issue with respect to our relationship with India. But at the same time, we have the responsibility to make sure that we conduct a thorough investigation and get to the truth," Bill Blair told Global News.

The Indian government now has begun the process of cancelling the registration of dozens of OCI card holders for carrying out pro-Khalistan activities and anti-India propaganda.



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