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How 'MLA' of your Area Earns more in 5 years than you in whole life? Check Data.

Every 5 years we go to vote and chose our representatives and in India we often go to votes as Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and municipal/ panchayat elections does not take place at once, which also is a point to be raised that, whether it is right to waste the exchequer money for electing individuals again and again, along with the time of the citizens and the governent machinery that goes in holding these elections.

After we elect these people, know that they will be paid for the whole life after it, even once they are elected for 5 years or lets say even they do not complete the full term of 5 years, still they will be paid for the whole life, and much more if elected twice, thrice and so on.

An MLA of your area earns way more than you, that is they earn for the whole life for just becoming an MLA or MP even for a day.

The funds, salary, allowances, benefits and free facilities is way way more then any common man or any government employee of India could think of earning working his whole life honestly.

Let's go through the money they get through official means of course through unofficial one will be way more.

The MLA's elected are given various allowances and funds such as they get elected to State Legislative Assemblies, they are given an ‘MLA fund’ between INR 1 crore to 4 crores per annum in each state assembly (Source: Jagran Josh). This varies from state to state, an MLA of Uttar Pradesh gets different amount from an MLA of Karnataka and of Punjab etc. This money is given to take up any development work in their area.

Then they also get salary which also varies from state to state, along with it, diesel expenditure, personal assistant, mobile expenses and medical expenses are given.

In addition to this they receive free fooding and lodging facilities in the government’ guest houses and separate expenses for traveling to his/her constituency.

For the time they are not in power they get regular pension for life (for just 5 years of being MLA/ MP) even for 1 day as well along with the diesel expenditure, along with the benefits of free railway pass and medical facility throughout the life.

So next time any politician tries to undermine the public work, just remind them that a common mans hard earned money is paying for his or her salaries, allowances and pensions.

The new government employees are not entitled to pension benefits, but the MLA's are entitled to get pension. Moreover, multiple pension benefits are given to the MLA's if they are elected for more than one time.

Let's check some data?

RTI filed by an activist in Haryana revealed that “As many as 286 former MLAs are getting INR 2,54,46,000 as pension per month. Of them, 21 former MLA's are entitled to get more than INR 1.5 lakh pension each per month.

An RTI filed in March 2022 revealed that the central government spent a total of INR 99 crore in 2020 - 21 on pensions to 2,679 former MPs, many of whom are film stars, industrialists and erstwhile royals.

An activist working on this matter stated that the government is appealing to people to give up gas subsidies, but MLAs also elected as MPs are not ready to give up one pension. Railways has done away with concessions for senior citizens, but former MPs can travel free of cost in AC first class.

Check the data below with some figures explaining the money an MLA gets..

This data is sourced from Jagran Josh

The above data is not exact value of the salary but includes all the allowances, funds and salary part and is an approximate figure, also the current data and figure might have changed a bit.

Now you can make your choices whether you want to bring a change to this system or yourself fight election in next elections to earn these benefits.

stay tuned for more.

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