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Nepotism- a bait or reality?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

What is Nepotism? Every now and then Bollywood is blamed for being the chacha bhatija clan where they make movies with each other and give movie breaks to each others children rather then looking out for real talent. But is nepotism only prevalent in Bollywood?

It can be seen in many other walks of life too such as business, politics and even some government jobs and judiciary. There are sons and daughters of powerful people holding many prime positions and not only in India but every country in the world. So, how shall we see nepotism?

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Now to be a son or daughter of a famous, rich or powerful person is not bad neither it should be called that way. It is to understand and should be point of self realization that you would not be honored in a society if you try to take the place of a deserving person on the name of your Father, mother or mamu chachu so on. You have to realize what is something unique in you and then act upon it.

The true wisdom lies in to understand your potential using the resources available to you which if you have a rich and powerful person as your back you can get enough and in fact a lot of resources much easily. So using those resources to your strength is your call which can never be forced upon you because the outcome wouldn't be there in either case.

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Let me explain with a small example, Why Rahul Gandhi can't think like Narendra Modi in his whole life even if we give them both simple tasks, because self made person always knows those small things which no book in the world, no mobile app or a video can teach you. That wisdom only comes when you do things on your own and on self-realization.

People give example of respected B.R Ambedhkar but neither does anyone look upto his hard work, wisdom and knowledge on the subject but everyone expects a government job. How about thinking like I will become something on my own or I wouldn't. This is called having pride in yourself just like B.R Ambedhkar had.

Nepotism debate is more of honoring the good and deserving and making them heroes of society. The advantage of a nepo-kid is he has lot of resources to make himself superior then others. None of the Nepo-kid could be campared to the brilliance of Nawazuddin, Paresh Rawal and Ayushmann Khurana like actors. They have made themselves bit by bit.

Lets say, son of Paresh Rawal wants to make his career in film industry. Now his father has contacts in the industry and he would always be called as Paresh Rawal son all his life that's a reality so for him to utilize those contacts as, the easy available resources with him and prove himself, like visiting them to learn how things are done, movies are made, see struggle and work of actor on sets rather than just simply signing a movie using his father's name. That covers the point of saying, realizing and actually making the efforts to turn the resources into gold for yourself.

Actual debate is only realizing and honoring the value with what you have and using the available resource to your benefit. After all everyone of us also wants to become someone great someday and we wouldn't like our children to be disrespected in society just for being our child.

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