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Technology and human being - Mental health

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

You must have wondered about the technology and so much research and improvement on the daily basis and to the people who were born prior to 1980's the technology might seem like a magic but there are many side effects of it too, in fact many. Let's try and infer how the technology has changed our way of living and way of thinking.

  • No one would have thought in 20th century that in India we would order a juice over our mobile app and it will be at our doorstep within minutes. My parents are always surprised whenever at home we discuss about the advancements and the way things are changing and I am sure it must be with everyone. Technology has made the life very fast paced in general too, everyone wants things to happen quickly and nobody wants to wait for anything.

  • Depression rates are increasing day by day, so we are destructing our own selves . It's been since 1000's of years that we fighting for religion and ethnicity but if we say that we as a society have advanced than why haven't we learned to coexist in whatever caste, color creed , gender we belong to. This only show we are moving backwards and not towards advancements. Remember one thing if there is God then it created the human beings the nature and not money and the religion, it was created by our forefathers and we are running after money rather we shall go after social well being, helping people.

  • In India the number of suicide cases have increased and it has shot up after the COVID crisis. India recorded 153,052 suicides - an average of 418 daily - in 2020. There's the study that tells that suicide are not because self immolation or bad results it is only just because of society which treats failures as if it is criminal to fail, it is the society which fails if anyone commit's suicide and not the person alone and technology has contributed to it. So, there are two side of every coin, certainly technology has..

  • Technology has made things so fast we could even notice that how worse or to what extent a human can go, today anything happen in any remote location of any corner of the world we get to know by simple notification on our mobile phone. At the same time the innovations, research, being better at what we do and information revolution has made everyone a kind of person to keep running after whatever we do and still be unhappy.

  • It has shown that money can't buy happiness of course not denying the fact that money at least brings you at a place from being worse off but having money doesn't guarantee that you will definitely be at peace or at the best place in the world you can be at. Gadgets and the social media has lead us to consume so much information at the same time that there is no time left for the soul. I think humans should realize that they need to take a break a bit. The break not to watch Netflix but a break to introspect and take a look at yourself. It is not the issue with the human being alone but the society as a whole. People around us doesn't let us live in peace and usually remind us of things that even they are fed up of (this happens to me as well the more I try to stay away from societal pressure it somehow finds it's way to reach me) and this has increased a lot due to technology.

  • I just want to convey to my readers that its fine if you don't have high salary, it's fine if you don't own a property/ flat. its fine if you don't invest your money in stocks/ mutual fund, its fine if you don't own a car, it's fine if you have small house. Let the people through technology tell you how much lavish they are but being at peace is very important and that happens when you connect with the SOUL. That happens when you learn to be satisfied with what you have. That happens when you truly enjoy the nature not only to post an Instagram picture but actually realize that human beings are not born to destroy the Earth or forest or seas, oceans , mountains etc. but to make this world a better place. Unfortunately it is the reverse that is happening now.

Hope this made some impact, stay tuned for more.



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