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The Shallow world

Updated: Jan 7

You might know that some important people for India were assassinated in 1966,1984,1991. Then a Retired Judge of High Court killed his Wife, three unmarried daughters in his own house without giving out any reason with help of his servant in a government provided Bungalow. What more strange is when a terrorist who was lodged in New Delhi Tihar Jail is set free because his Pakistani friends Hijack Indian Flight in 1999. Then a Mumbai smuggler goes onto planning Bomb attack for his soil he is born to. I can continue on and on and the world is filled with millions of these stories. But these stories belong to an era when people used to spend majority of time with news paper and not on mobile phone. The incidents do happen now and then but the difference that had created a hypothetical gap of 50 years with actual years passing on is 15 years between the generations is something to think upon.

Today in a village hundreds of kilometres away from you had some husband wife living which one day started fighting over something, reaches our mobile phone in seconds and a normal person mentality goes out thinking such a cruel world has turned onto. Rather cruel is not the world but your information consuming capacity. The incidents of killing, hurting, protests did happen when there was no internet but people got to know about some incident in a nearby village even after a weeks time forget the urban areas of knowing whats happening there. But this is the new normal and now this Chinese Virus have given more power to this generation. Consuming information in the right way is very important or it will eat you. More interesting is it does not eats like a Lion straight on your eyes but it eats you like an iron rust maybe you don't even get to know. Its better to choose your areas and focus on some rather then going over and over anything and everything you see online.

Study says people have become more vulnerable to depression then they were before. Now the interesting point is this study had also started giving faster results because of Internet. Coming back to point Our ex Prime Minister Shastri Ji, Indra Ji and Rajiv Gandhi were assassinated, High Court Judge Upendra Nath RajKhowa killed his wife and daughters and a Pakistani terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was set free by Indian forces in exchange for Indian passengers and Dawood Ibrahim conspired 1993 Mumbai blasts and much more after.

Remember! Consuming information the right way is more important.

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