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THE System - in COVID -19

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

There was a news on August 2 of Home Minister Amit Shah getting affected of Corona Virus also before, other personalities like Amitabh Bachchan and family and few others and fans sent their love and wishes, some are getting their hatred out on this topic and similar stuff goes all over social media.

Similarly there are a number of posts of a common man complaining, crying, some emotional post and some dangerous to a normal person. The post were how they were rejected by Private Hospitals to get treatment for their husband, father, brother etc. They were not given treatment despite they were willing to pay whichever cost is it but they did not have Corona Virus reports with them and none of doctor was ready to give them treatment. It's very sad to read about when someone looses their loved ones and they are left with no option but to voice out about their situation and appeal to common man to make it reach up to authorities. Out of all the grievances and reading some posts all over social media one common saying is reports don't come at time and doctors don't treat the patient till that time in fact they cant.

Today I was reading about Amitabh Bachchan praising a private hospital about how they treated them well and then a special team of doctors from AIIMS is sent to treat Home Minister at a 5-star private hospital in Gurgoan. Reading all this leaves an impression on how the humanity have turned its way. How this system have made the common and honest man who wants to do good to someone could not if he is part of the system. The politicians, lets say who want to help out, could not because they have to ask their political Guru's first to support. If you understand a bit about system you might connect to my point here. Their are example of people like Sonu Sood who have touched so many lives.

So the doctors are being told by their respective hospitals that they would not treat a patient who hasn't yet have corona virus report and then a person who want to help someone and is part of system cannot if theirs some other parties government and not to which he or she belongs. Its very strange when 90% of COVID-19 patients are getting treated in government hospitals and quite few big people choose private hospitals because they have the approach and money to get treated. Sadly the money to be used by politicians will be on us (taxpayers money) because it will be complete government expenditure whatever is the cost of treatment.

Its not about blaming someone its just about questioning the system that ties the hands of honest doctors who can't give the treatment to patients which they deserve, just because some legal steps come in. Its about questioning the same system who stops people part of system to actually go out of their way and serve people in times of crisis and its about questioning the system who does not or delay to punish the people throwing stones at doctors going for their treatment. Who give the right to a NETA Ji to be corrupt. I' ll tell you because the mind set is like they would lose respect among its peers if they don't eat money. This is the System. And, its our hard earned money that we pay tax from, before stopping yourself to buy a marginal 100 Rs extra expensive jeans think that ambassador car of a politician is getting filled with fuel on your that 100 Rs which is used to bring chocolate from the market for a sweet and innocent VIP child.

Hope that clears the point.



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