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Why it is hard for a WOMEN to find a job? What needs to change in the society?

While the world is changing as the technology is leading for more gender equality and increased participation of women in different phases of life. There are still areas that lack equality and there are ample of reasons for the situation one among also is the historical factors as women were majorly confined to household chores and were considered good for child bearing and cooking food in that muscular society of wars and invasions. However we also need to understand that no country can be prosperous if the women aren't empowered in the society.

When we consider a wider perspective fand look at the jobs beyond the corporate world of this generation there are areas where women still is lacking opportunities

The report published by the International Labour Organization (ILO) indicated that women's participation in jobs is 47% while men's participation rate is 72%. (Also ,read on the representation of Women in Indian Politics)

But why is that women is finding it harder to find the jobs?

Some common factors behind this.

  • The Lack of facility to get an education, still there are places in the world where the only job of a girl child is to help her mother in household works.

  • Social insecurity and safety, it is considered that if the girl goes outside the home something wrong may happen to her.

  • Status quo or conventional practice of women to sacrifice career for family where women are confined to lot of unpaid labour of taking care of the family.

  • Somewhere it is the women themselves who chose to be unemployed and help the family in household work.

What has happened due to this system?

  • All the burden has shifted on male family mmembersand it is the men who is considered fit for earning money for the family, which has also less made the women less important and lead it to become a second-rate citizens.

  • Objectification of women - when it is not a practice of equality, some women make themselves objectify to climb the success ladder while some who are not ready to be exploited do not get a job except competitive jobs where one cracks written or oral exams, but the availability of such jobs is less than one percent.

What shall be done to improve on this?

  • This issue needs awareness and the Changing of a mind set. Women need to stop themselves to be the reason for other woman's impairment.

  • The equality isn't about bashing the men but rather understanding the system and uplifiting the human being rather than the gender.

  • Positive support from the feminst groups.

  • Honest debates and work sharing at household works.

Overall, we need to make sure the opportunities are given irrespective of the gender than empowering all the citizens irrespective of the gender should be the goal of every nation.



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