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Why should I pay TAX? Answer to yourself a bunch of questions.

Everyone must have thought about when at the end of the month the salary is credited to the bank account, about the income tax that you paid to the Government of the country you work in. Even if you are a businessman, shopkeeper, gig worker etc the question must have stuck while filing the income tax return that why am I paying this money to the Government? What am I getting in return? Than added to it are the GSTs on the product we buy, VAT and other taxes on petrol/ diesel, than toll tax for using roads, than municipal tax for living in a house, than water and sewerage tax for basic human needs.

But do you pay tax only to get all of these facilities?

Why do we pay taxes?

Generally, tax paid by citizens is used by the government of the day for its day to day affairs. The government has the responsibility in return to provide security, law and order, clean and healthy eatables and water as well as clean air to breathe (was compulsion to add this).

Answer yourself the bunch of questions.

Does the government really cares for the citizens who pay tax? Or is it only about vote bank? Do the people think twice when they go to vote, about whom they are going to chose their representative? If not than you are responsible if there is no hospital bed in your nearby government hospital when you need the most, because by choosing wrong people to power only will create disaster for future and present generations.

Is government caring for the people who pay tax for whole life and there comes a time for them to relax and rest?

For example: A person who is 59 years old working in private sector, probably will be retired by next year, had payed huge tax to the Government whole life both the direct and indirect tax but when he or she retires, will he or she get affordable healthcare in cases of poor health or sickness? Will he or she get any kind of support from government if he or she has no dependable family member?

Will he or she get clean water and healthy, chemical free food to eat?

As a citizen we shall ask the government that whole taxpayers money is paid to give freebies to the huge vote bank? If government is not honoring the honest, not honoring the one who contributes to the welfare of others, than the society is inviting trouble for future generations, that is natural.

How tax payers money is used by those who not pay tax?

Does the richie rich MPs and MLAs pay their due of tax? Its sure that the people know that 100% of them surely doesnt, but taxpayer is paying for their petrol/ diesel, their house, servants, travel, electricity, allowances, security guards and other bills of the politicians.

Does the government servants dont take bribe? Not all of them are corrupt but the ones who take it, will still get pension for the whole life on the tax payers money.

Will an MP / MLA who has not completed his term, get the pension for whole life? Absolutely yes, he or she will be paid for the whole life on the tax payers money.

Also, its a very sad thing for India, that people of the country rather than running away from falling into the reservation (SC's , ST's, OBC's) section are protesting for adding their caste into the reservation list. This shows how the government from past 75 years of Independence have failed to create a positive, hard working and meritorious system in the society. Dr Ambedkar would have been the most sad person after witnessing the misuse of reservation system in India.

But rather than looking for a meritorious system everybody wants to work less but, get all the benefits. This in return creates the system of flawed and a vicious cycle, that will create more corruption in the system, people are there because of their caste rather than merit. This does not indicate that there is talent in only specific caste of people but, if people are there not because of work but caste, than it kills honesty and hard working environment in any organization, be it the government or private.

Than you can't blame the government if people of particular caste are getting elected just because of the caste rather than their work and policies.

Ofcourse there are many positives to the Government but these questions are a must ask for every citizen who is contributing in some manner for the welfare of the nation.

So coming back to the question, why should I pay the TAX?

To create non meritorious system?

To pay bills of corrupt politicians?

To breathe polluted air?

To pay half of salary as taxes only?

To pay for foreign trips of non deserving government officials?

To pay for high cost of healthcare system?

One must ask these questions to the Government, every day.



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