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How Arctic ice melt affects Us?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

We usually hear in News that Global warming and heat waves are increasing as we also experience 'loo' around especially in Northern and central part of India. Incidents like extreme winters and severe summer temperature destroying crops, unexpected rainfalls etc. These are all linked to the climate change. But equally dangerous is the Arctic ice melt. But how?

As per WWF we lose 13% of Arctic every decade and its increasing with time due to climate change now. Basically if we continue to destroy mother earth as we are doing it at current rate then Arctic could be ice free by 2040. But what interesting is what happens there does not only affects organism in the Arctic the effects are far reaching.

The Arctic and the Antarctic are both called the refrigerators of the world as they both keep the temperature regulated by reflecting the heat of sun back to the space and also as carbon sink as it traps methane deep down. But melting ice will mean less ice to reflect heat, while other components of earth absorb the heat which means more heat in the atmosphere, this leads to excessive temperature changes. These heat waves and uneven rainfall destroy the crop, leading to hunger crisis. Basically, the crisis we see due to COVID and Russia - Ukraine war could become a norm, where nations will struggle to get food for their people.

The ice melting also means more human encroachments in the area which simply means more destruction. As humans start discover shipping routes at the arctic, it will result in resource exploitation. A rat race for minerals, oil spills, destroying of natural habitats there in return.

There are animals that depend on it for survival must adapt or perish. Loss of ice and melting permafrost spells trouble for polar bears, walruses, arctic foxes, snowy owls, reindeer, and many other species. In addition to the habitats of people living there and they will have to move out as because of ice melt they will have no place to reside.

Since the 1900 the global sea level has risen 7-8 inches which means more land will get submerged underneath the sea as a result less space available for people to reside and make a living especially to island nations those are more prone to these. Glacial melt of the Greenland ice sheet is a major predictor of future sea level rise; if it melts entirely, global sea levels could rise 20 feet.

As the ice melts the Permafrost that is the permanent frozen ice which acts in limiting the green house gases by storing them will come out and release those methane particle which in return will lead to more heat. So, overall we are destroying the mother earth to the extreme.

Due to ice melt and rising of the sea, the data shows these nations are already experiencing changes, check the table shown , how this sea level rise effect all of us (Source: )

Researcher's believe that Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand and all the island nations could face difficulty in housing their people due to land submergence.

It's time to act or this time is not coming back again, what's coming is something we would have never thought of.

What did you get? the DEAD are coming? Yes, the game of thrones is happening for real. Read it out here, what's happening with Indonesia due to climate change.

stay tune for more.



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