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Hypocrisy of the west and it's trade deals with Russia.

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

You must have heard about Europe and America pressurizing India to stop our trade with Russia, like not buying the oil and defense equipment such as S-400 system which Recently came to India.

Since the start of Russia- Ukraine war they have been actively pushing countries to stop the deals in a bid to punish with sanctions. India too responded to it by staying neutral in the war and kept on buying the oil from Russia.

In May, India imported 819,000 barrels per day (bpd), from 277,000 bpd in April and 33,000 bpd a year ago. Russia is now the second biggest supplier to India, replacing Saudi Arabia, while Iraq continues to be the largest.

But why should India not buy oil from Russia? Or the west expects India to keep repeating the same mistakes that it has done in the past. It is surprising that these countries are somewhere themselves responsible for the Russian invasion of Ukraine (Not justifying the attacks at all, they should be condemned, lot of innocent people were forced to displace and many innocents killed).

We all know about the cold war between USSR and the USA, many innocent countries had to suffer because of it. Many countries were punished just because they inclined towards USSR and many innocents were threatened during it. India is also one of the nation whom the west tried to side line because we were inclined towards socialist principles which were from Russia and not the western liberal ones.

Once we look at the data of the trade that the America and the Europe do, you will be amazed to see it.

But these nations are forgetting how they themselves trade a lot with Russia.

Europe - Russia Trade deal data (Sourced from: )

Trade in goods:

Trade in services:

FDI data:

USA - Russia trade data (Sourced from: )

2022 data

2021 data

So it is quite clear that how west in their failed attempt just single handedly trying to create a narrative and trying to threaten countries to isolate Russia.

The stand India took is quite logical and in its interest, after-all the foreign policy is more about your interest and that is what even Europe and America is doing when they pressurize others.

However being supportive at times to the concerns of other countries is something that these nations should learn.

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