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Interpol issued Red Corner Notice against Nirav Modi. What is Interpol? Know all details

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

It has been in news since long that Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya and Mehul Choksi have ran out of India and Indian government is on hunt for them, so even if Indian government know where they are, we have to respect the domestic laws of the countries they are in as for the case of Abu Salem, the government found that he is in Lisbon, but he was convicted for Pradeep Jain murder case when he was brought back to India, rather than Mumbai blast case as Indian government had to obey to the directions of the Portugal government. So, how this international policing work?

Also, The INTERPOL has issued a Red Corner Notice (RCN) against fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi’s brother Nehal in connection with the multi-billion-dollar Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam. What are these notices?

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What is Interpol?

Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization setup in 1923 by 19 countries to facilitate cooperation between police across borders and combat international crime. with headquarters in Lyon, France and a liaison office in New York, United States.

The Interpol provides a Database that the police can access globally. This database allows the police all over the world to access services necessary to prevent and investigate crimes.

It also holds criminal data such as Criminal profiles, criminal records, theft records, stolen passports, vehicles, artwork and forgeries, etc.

Today, it is the only organization with the mandate and technical infrastructure to share police information globally. Benefit of having such an organization is that it facilitates international police cooperation even where diplomatic relations are not present between certain countries.

Structure and functioning of Interpol

It has 4 departments

  • General Assembly - It is responsible for taking all the important decisions related to the working methods, policies, finances, resources and other activities and programs. Each country is represented by one or more delegates at the Assembly, who are typically chiefs of law enforcement agencies.

  • General Secretariat - It works for 365 days 24/7. It has 6 regional offices in different continents, in Asia it is Thailand.

  • Executive Committee - The General Assembly elects this committee of 13 members which comprises of: President, 3 Vice Presidents, 9 Delegates that cover 4 different regions

  • National Central Bureau - It is the designated contact point for the General Secretariat, regional offices and other member countries requiring assistance with overseas investigations and the location and apprehension of fugitives, every country maintains this through national law enforcement agency, CBI is designated as the National Central Bureau of India.

Notices issued by Interpol

  • Red Notice - When person wanted by a judicial jurisdiction or an international tribunal with a view to his/her extradition.

  • Green Notice - If a person is considered to be a possible threat to public safety

  • Blue Notice - Locate, identify or obtain information on a person of interest in a criminal investigation.

  • Yellow Notice - To locate a missing person or to identify a person unable to identify himself/herself.

  • Black Notice - To seek information on unidentified bodies.

  • Orange Notice - To warn about an imminent threat and danger to persons or property.

  • Purple Notice - To provide information on modus operandi, procedures, objects, devices, or hiding places used by criminals.

UNSC Special Notice is issued to inform Interpol’s members that an individual or an entity is subject to UN sanctions.

One rule every nation abides by is that action is taken within the limits of existing laws in different countries and in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The General Assembly and the Executive Committee form the organization’s governance.

Notices can also be used by the United Nations, International Criminal Tribunals and the International Criminal Court to seek persons wanted for committing crimes within their jurisdiction, notably genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

stay tuned for more.

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