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Iran's Latest Strive to Be a World Power

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

One of the world's oldest civilizations, oil-rich yet pummeled by the hijacking effect of terrorism and political junk, lost its glory.

Iran's latest strive to be a world power is noteworthy.

The two important steps of Iran are:

  • Approach to joining the BRICS group of countries.

  • Diplomatic attempt to lift sanctions on its nuclear test program.

Recently the annual BRICS summit was held online. Iran officially applied to be a member of the group. Not only Iran, but Argentina also wants to join the group.

At first, formed BRIC group was formed with Brazil, Russia, India, and China, later extended with the membership of South Africa.

BRICS seems to join a string between Asia, Asia Pacific, and South America. The current BRICS group covers 41 percent of the world population and 24 percent of the global GDP.

Being a member of the BRICS Iran would revive ancient relations with India, strategic partnerships with China and Russia in the face of the west, and strengthen trade relations with Brazil and South Africa.

Diplomatic attempt to lift sanctions on its nuclear test program.-

Iran's nuclear deal is a bargain between lifting sanctions and other nuclear power's access to Iran's nuclear testing facilities.

In a fresh urge, Iran's ambassador to the UNO expressed his country's willingness to have a dialogue and negotiate to reach an agreement.

The political saga goes back to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) of 2015.

The deal was not well maintained as it should be and went to the Incentive Care Unit (ICU) in the year 2018.

Some of the JCPOA restrictions also crossed their expired date.

Critics say it is hijacking an individual country's independence to have peaceful nuclear tests and mere political junk.

As things change in the international arena, Iran's Latest Strive to Be a World Power awaits to be fulfilled.


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