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Tottering Education, says the latest UN Report.

Article 26 of the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, branch of the United Nations Organisation) says "everyone has the right to education." 1960 convention of the UNESCO also states, 'against discrimination in education'.

Image via UN

Still, the latest UN report published about the tottering status of education.

On 17th February 2023, the UN news shared that globally "78 million children don’t go to school at all". explained the reasons make children keep out of schools. They are -

  • Gender gap - girls are not allowed to go to school in many places showing multiple excuses.

  • Physically challenged children - lack of social awareness and facility.

  • Economic status.

  • Child marriage.

  • Man-made or incidental occurrences - Outbreak of an epidemic, tsunami, earthquake, war zone etc.

  • Lack of teachers.

  • Non-availability of schools.

  • Culture or system of child labours.

  • Hygienic issues

To escape the slow pace of decision making, under the call of "Education Can't Wait (ECW)" , the UN with the assistance of 18 countries and some independent partners estimate to raise $826 million.

The amount will be spend to solve all those hurdles distract children from going to school.

Tottering education system is not only about lack of facilities but also enhancing the quality of education. $826 million is to make the foundation strong, because the foundation starts from schools itself.

Like other offshoots , current project of the UN to bring back children to school and build future for themselves and the society needs support and encouragement from all sectors.

Written by Nandini Dash (



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