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Toxic work culture is the biggest CTC.

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

We all are going through a changing phase in Indian corporate culture as attrition rate is high and which has forced the industry to increase their salary standards, majority of the companies in India don't pay you as the work force is huge so if you don't work for that salary, someone else will be readily available to take your place. The salaries are one but the work culture is much bigger concern as if you don't want to pay your employees for their effort at par but also are not ready to provide them with best of the culture and working environment, then you are bound to loose the best of employees too soon.

The dictator bosses, micromanagement of employees, pinging in their personal time day and night, frequent firing of people that too when someone tries to counter your views or challenges the status quo are some of quiet examples which show the bad behavior and toxic culture the organization has.

For once, if employees are not getting paid much and you are taking advantage of the market, people won't mind but it's important to have good environment and appreciate employees on regular intervals. This will bring the organization achieve greater heights as the employees productivity increases in better environment and they take initiatives for the organization which helps up in setting a good tone for the team and improve the results.

Toxic culture kills productivity and increases the attrition rate which also makes the best of employees leave the organization. So it is for the organization to introspect as a whole that if your employees are leaving too frequent then whether you are hiring to show it on your database that you employee this amount of people or rather you want the employees who work for you by heart.

Employees now are not afraid of switching or leaving the organization because they have access to other jobs quickly due to technology and it is the good ones who leave the first if you have a toxic work culture.

What can be the signs if you are experiencing high attrition?

  • If the managers in the company are trying to micro manage the things.

  • You are not sensitive of the personal life of the employee.

  • You don't hold regular team building exercise.

  • You don't have healthy competition in the team.

  • Boss is a dictator.

  • Favoritism

  • Too much gossiping and company politics.

  • Non appreciation of good work and only highlighting the mistakes.

  • The company vision is not inline with the team environment.

What can be done?

  • Get rid of the bad bosses who are the main reason of toxic culture.

  • Hold team sessions and let employees some time off compulsorily, (there are some who don't feel bad if they are asked to work day and night and likes to sit in office on weekends. Please make sure this doesn't happen because that is where the problem starts).

  • Make sure the team has the respect for each other. They hold the values of the company utmost and have trust in each other.

  • Have Empathy and appreciation is must.

  • Motive should be to build the leaders and contribute to the employees personal growth and they will make sure the company grows faster.

Companies looses billions just because their best of employees leave and much more in frequent settlements and resignations.

REMEMBER, its not the employees who left it is the growth which has gone and it is the toxic work culture which the employee has left and not the company alone.

Unhappy employees increase the cost to company. The organization shall focus on gathering the data from the HR's about it and build a plan to get things sorted.

If you are not concern about this issue then there is a serious issue with the work culture in the organization and the company might loose it's vision and soon the results are bound to get reversed. Hopefully the steps are taken on right time.

stay tuned for more.

This blog is inspired from: Brigette Hyacinth, Read the article here - Toxic work cultures make Best Employees Quit.



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