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Assisted living for 'Senior Citizens' and it's advantages.

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

The life in us and the life we live both are thriving on the foundation laid by our elders. From as early as childhood and the times that have passed, or still coming ahead our parents and grandparents have left no stone unturned to give us the best they could.

The 21'st century has unfolded a lifestyle that has helped us to lead the world ,to expose ourselves to a world of possibilities and gateways to desired living but we have retrogressed when it comes to family and interfamily relationships.

In today’s world where we have to live with busy schedules forgetting to give time to the family has become common, providing a home and life to your parent’s and elders where they can get proper timely care and a comfortable environment is one of the best alternative.

Assisted Living :A Comfort Driven Living in Old Age.

The New ideas like Assisted Living for Senior Citizens which unveils very engaging options that could rejuvenate seniors to live fully and that too without any stress.

Elderly people get proper nutrition with assistance for day-to-day activities and most importantly the peace of mind and soulful time.

To meet your family’s needs and to provide the care that our elders deserve . Organizations have designed a PAL based service model which works under guidance of reputed hospital and hotel management and experts from TISS type organizations to leave no stone unturned in service of elders . With that, it offers all basic to advance services such as hospital routine check ups and we try to inculcate activities that could provide our elders the peace of mind  with yoga, meditation and relaxation they deserve . People can go for outings without taking stress for transport and aids ,as there are services that will inculcate a social life which nearly ceases to exists at the later stages of life.

Assuring benefits that include care giving on 12/24 basis, hospital assistance, day-to-day amenities, bank services , recreational activities and what people generally don’t expect in old age-Skill development.

Additionally, they will get all professional exposure they would want to have. With this ,a very major feeling of independence that set seniors free from the unnecessary but inevitable guilt of taking help from their family amidst their busy schedule.

Though Assisted living comes with some cons of high cost , living away from family also, things and facilities might vary from one place to another.

Ultimately, the pros over count the cons featuring the accessibility , personalized medical and self care with independence which are provided by Assisted living ,a better alternative to sort the disputes and mental strain that people go through in current scenario.

Elderly people tend to lose interest in life and often succumb to mental loneliness prior to the bodily diseases with this program of assisted living we put our best efforts and services to revive the life in them.

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1 Comment

Trupti Kolhe
Trupti Kolhe
Jul 27, 2022

Indeed provisions should be made for elderly people but i think rather than making provisions for them giving them some time is what they need.

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