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Effective Changes in Uzbekistan & Foreign Investments in Cuba

Updated: Oct 6, 2022


The Central Asian country Uzbekistan is driving in a positive direction through the introduction of effective changes.

The new policies are about:

  • Promoting female education & closing the gender gap -

A national program for supporting women’s education for 2022-2026 has been introduced. Under the program, several changes will be made to increase female participation in tertiary education.

The Diplomat shared, "As of 2022, women in Uzbekistan make up 49.7 percent of the total population, only 13.2 percent of women over 25 have completed higher education compared to 20 percent of men".

  • International relations -

Military exercise between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan is meant only for their own security purpose not promoting groups or having any such intentions.

  • Reopening access to information -

Ukrainian law came into effect in April 2021 and blocked several foreign social networking sites. They include Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, Wechat etc.

Lately, the administration decides not to prevent its citizens from interacting with the outside world through social networking sites. The restriction on Twitter has been lifted and others are waiting on the list.

Uzbekistan, a part of the former Soviet Union, adopted these effective changes to enhance its domestic and international stature.


After 60 years, lately, Cuba declared it is opening up to foreign investments in the country.

Ongoing economic slow down so also to participate on the world stage, the country decides to welcome foreign investments.

Reuters shared "The reforms would allow foreign-owned entities to invest in warehouse and back-end logistics operations supplying state-run and private businesses".

In 1969 private wholesale and retail industries were nationalized. But in contemporary times Cuba's opening up to the outside world will not only restore trade relations but also diffuse political tensions.

In current international relations, while the cold war mentality has increased, Cuba's decision to allow investment from abroad also enhances cultural cooperation and boosts globalization.


By - Nandini Dash (Author; Academician; Content Writer)



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