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Issue of Over-Population in India and it's possible Solutions.

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

As the population in the world is increasing day by day, the resources are becoming scarce and thus controlling population has become the need of hour in today’s world. Countries like China have adopted ‘one child policy’, while most developing countries like India is still struggling with the increasing population.

Lot of government money is spent funding the popular schemes and free-bies to the population that is illiterate, poverty stricken and over the time they have become a huge vote bank for various political parties. Huge amount of tax payers money is spent on distributing free rations, free electricity and subsidies to farmers, MNREGA schemes, Insurance schemes and Midday meals etc. These schemes are a necessity because you can't leave huge population like this and it is always the ones who are worst catches the most attention and subsequently schemes are formed to cater them rather middle class tax payers money does not benefits them own through the government benefits, as it is more for below poverty line or ultra rich class who gets tax benefits.

Some Causes of rising population:

  • Poverty - This is the most important cause for the increasing population. People still believe, if they will have more children they will help them to earn livelihood. So they assign children with work at very less age so that could earn money for the family and that roots to the poverty.

  • Illiteracy- Education is the key to success. But due to the lack of knowledge regarding family planning it has resulted into continual growth of population. So again without literacy, unemployment rises which leads to increase in crime rates and losing out this demographic dividend which India currently possess is huge economic loss as if this work force is employed and des some work they would be contributing to the economy.

  • Migration - Due to less work in rural areas people have to migrate to cities to support their families back home sometimes the whole family shifts and they live in not so good conditions in the new city due to finances. Also, when they leave their homes sometimes the wife doesn't come along to take care of children well and due to expensive cities which makes a high mismatch in the government data. As seen recently in COVID that due to migration the government help couldn't reach them on time.

  • Medical facilities- Improvement in medical facilities have decreased the death rates and has increased the life expectancy. Coming of such scheme such as Janani Suraksha Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandhana Yojna, Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan schemes are some examples which are helping to reduce Infant mortality rate however this population needs to be given apt facilities too. So, a lot still needs to be done to help them lead a better life.

  • Social customs- In rural areas, people give more preference to male child, early marriages which ultimately result into high growth of population.

In 2050, India's population is projected to be 1.69 billion, which will be higher than that of China. India's population to rise higher in the future. As per the East Asia Forum report, in 2050, India's population is projected to be 1.69 billion which will be higher than that of China.

The population of China is estimated to be 1.31 billion in the same year. The global demand for water in 2050 is projected to be more than 50 per cent of what it was in 2000.

According to the same report, the demand for food will double in the year 2050 and even if India manages to feed its expanding population, its growth may not be ecologically sustainable.

The government is trying hard but needs to be more strict and such laws are the need of the hour that deals somewhat strictly with population control measures. As even if it is population there needs to be good care facilities too otherwise it is just a mess.

A finite world can support only a finite population, therefore, population growth must eventually equal zero - Garrett Hardin

Solutions to be practiced to control over populations:

  • Aware people about adoption.

  • Read, educate about population issues.

  • Educate your teenage child(ren) about sex and contraception early, without taboos.

  • Spread your knowledge and concern among your friends and family, raise awareness about overpopulation on social media.

  • Vote for politicians who acknowledge the detrimental impacts of population growth and propose political solutions.

  • Municipalities should set growth management boundaries.

  • Fund family planning programs.

  • Introduce obligatory education as long as possible. Article 45 of the constitution: To provide early childhood care and education for all children until they complete the age of six years.

  • Reorganize pensions and other socio-economic systems to accommodate aging societies.

  • Empower women, assuring equal rights, treatment and opportunities for both genders.

  • Make sterilization free, for men and women, or at least covered under all healthcare plans.

  • Curb the rising demands of reservations in pressure groups.

  • Legalize abortion without restrictions or social stigma.

  • Make population and environmental issues and sex education part of the basic educational curriculum.

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