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Rajya - The State

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Have you ever wondered what is state? When its a household talk that people working in the government are corrupt irrespective of a politician or a government employee. Why do we vote then? To get exploited by the person whom majority of us have voted? All these questions must arise to every common citizen of any democratic country in this world.

Lets first try and understand what was the need, that our forefathers thought of writing a constitution and why do we hold elections, just to make our lives more miserable or rather a better one.

What is a Constitution? It is a document that establishes the foundation of principles on which the state is governed.

State has its own importance in everyone of ours life which means that government in todays world do make an impact on everyone and for some it enables and act as a source of growth while for some as a headache. Hegel who was German philosopher, was the champion of this view who declared, State is march of God on earth.

We can count on examples like bringing back Indians from Ukraine, Afghanistan and during COVID times from various other countries is something which a state did and that came to be life saving entity, this is what actually the duty of the government be it anywhere in the world, autocratic or democratic. Even if the society of autocratic still the ruler has to look after it's citizens.

While there are examples where people's houses are broken using a bulldozer, they have been jailed for petty things is again something we usually see in news quite often. So, does that justifies the state? Does that mean, you save few people and then harm few. Is this something going on for several years?

The Answer is yes, this has been the story of human civilization all along. The ruler of the day has chosen certain methods to establish the legitimacy to rule by various means and all that is suitable for him or her. This is what even Chanakya said. Read about his Arthshastra here

Whether the state is important or not I will leave it to the readers but the point is that the actual reason why humankind thought of creating the nation states the way we see it today is because they were tired of invasions and continuous wars, atrocities etc.

Prior to 1940s it was colonialism which was the era and earlier to that it was Islamic revolution which Islamized the whole of Asia while they stopped at India as they couldn't convert us all.

So it is this essence and feeling of fear and years of slavery which made human being regulate society to the best by creating constitutions, laws and societal norms such as marriage, sir names, caste etc. (How did education evolved in India. Read here)

Today humankind is living the most comfortable life then any other generation in the past have lived but the misery that we have added to our lives is by exploiting the technology too much that we have social media and gadgets who have taken over us and people have forgotten what is life actually because everyone wants to be bothered about the likes and comments on their posts.

So coming back to the point that we see the state that is the Rajya is essential for the people to reach at its most potential as lets say today India is taken over by some barbaric forces no matter how much property you posses it can go zero within a night because it would have lost its value than what it had earlier. You may not be able to go to parks, gym and malls etc.

Think of what might have been happening to poor Afghanis, or what is happening in Sri Lanka when they see their President to have fled the country in the middle of the chaos. You see Pakistan PM run abroad when they face corruption charges.

So I hope I have added some sense to your understanding about the state

stay tuned for more.

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