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Internet wali life, points to remember.

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

How your Social Presence over the Internet can be a risk somewhere. In the era of technology where things like Facebook, instagram, Twitter, YouTube are the most popular ones today have hacked our life so much that living without them is becoming next to impossible slowly and it is becoming a part of our body slowly now. Right from a 2 year old to a 60 year old person everybody has opted for it that means it is not only the adult people fond of technology.

But think about how this affects your living style. How it has molded your thought processes and hence the decisions you take in life. How it goes straight after your mentality. How you'r tracked day and night. How someone else know details about you without actually knowing you. Today I can tell what you are buying, what you are looking to do in future, what are your interests and your location, your family, your properties, court cases, maybe your passport, your car number, phone number, maybe passwords by just having a computer and internet connection. Inshort, your life can be in someone's hands.

Everyone should know that whatever we do online today is only the interface we're aware of rather there are hundreds of things getting recorded simultaneously as you connect to internet. You don't know who is spending their brains to get into your life. That doesn't means you shouldn't use any social media or internet for purchasing, selling etc, but need to be little attentive rather then going mad over Social Media.

Some points that everyone should take care of:

  1. Don't unnecessary click the links that come to you over Whats App, Mobile message or social media.

  2. Be careful on giving permission to Mobile Apps you install and that App you have installed comes from a reputed organization or is a random suggested App. There are hundred of Apps that are Fake or without security that might ask for access to your Whats App (no genuine app would do so). General permissions are access to your contacts, photos and media and location. Which again need be allowed to necessary Apps.

  3. Keep mobile location off unless required.

  4. Don't post anything on social media especially adverse or confidential. It might not affect you as such but can be source of blackmailing depending on content. This generally applies to people working with Government or private firms dealing with confidential information.

  5. Use some random password for unnecessary signups on random websites/ Apps you visit/ install. Generally some websites ask for signup to access their information.

  6. Do not keep providing your phone number on every platform. Check for the authenticity of website/ App. You can see it by checking play-store reviews or googling the website name first to know because generally people like me post about phishing and fake websites/ Apps on various portals.

  7. Be careful while passing on the OTP and other passwords over internet.

How the thugs of phishing get you in their trap over a call. Know here. Also read about a true story of a scam online.

These are the pointers you should know but it becomes a point of worry when things go above extent and you loose control over your own data. So nothing much to worry if you are aware of the above mentioned points and practice them as well, there are counter measure to everything. We as citizens need to know general things rather than leaving up to government to handle it later when a case is already happened.

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