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Thugs of Phishing. Internet Frauds.

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

As we increase the dependability on Internet for everything it is no surprise that some people start to exploit this as well by executing frauds like withdrawing money from your account by posing as Bank officials, customer care people or job providers. We need to be careful of them and mark some small steps in our mind what ever is the case.


Let me share some real stories on how and what these people do?

I got a message on whats app one day that I have won 25 lakhs of lottery on behalf of my mobile services provider and I need to call on a number to claim it. Now amid corona times where everyone trying to save their everything, companies are giving lotteries worth Rs. 25 Lakhs. I don't know why they feel people will believe them or why do people actually believe them if they do? Forget about corona recession but in general why a lottery giver would message this way?

Since being already aware of such things but some people do get into their trap since they want to get rich quick just by sipping tea rather then earning it.

I started searching about the person behind that message. I being aware of certain things I got out the email address of the person and through that I reached up the photo of the person and Full name. Following up the name and photo I got his Facebook ID and what I see who he was? He was a 22 year boy living in Odisha and looking for work. But soon I started messaging him and told my friends about him. They also messaged him and we started to play with him asking to give 25 lakhs soon to which he blocked our all the numbers.

Another day, one of my cousin sent me a link for a job applying site where he was applying for job and he got call from their customer service that they will give them premium subscription for just Rs.10 so more companies could see his profile. He was convinced because the website is a quite popular name.

When he filled his Card details on the website he received an OTP to enter, to my surprise which I didn't expected my cousin to do but fortunately he checked the whole message and saw the amount mentioned in the message was Rs 50,000/- and not Rs 10/-. Can you imagine this? and he immediately stopped their.

I later investigated and checked on the website and found that it was a dummy website registered just 9 days ago in Panama island with IP location as Canada but they were posing as a 10 year old job providing site by adding 'applyonline' type of keywords as prefix or suffix in the website URL to the popular name.

Know about things to remember while using Internet. Know about a true story of a scam. Read it here..

Another type of fraud these days popular is E-Sim frauds which is a lot in news. You can read about it here.

Remember, every scam anyway cannot be conducted until and unless the owner of the information himself provide the details. So you are responsible for yourself not any one else.

Do not give your details to anyone especially over a phone call.

Maybe genuine it is, ask everyone to send them the email/ message and you will read through it first and then decide. One thing OTP's are still not given even if you'r convinced about authority of the person because OTP's are and will remain private only that's what they are meant to be.

stay tuned for more


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Promila Rani
Promila Rani
2022년 5월 08일

Thank you, it was really helpful.

2022년 5월 18일
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Thank you

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