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Is World moving towards isolationism?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

With the advent of technology and the mobile phones adding up the social media and millions of mobile applications, today everyone loves being on them and stay connected to distant ones rather than chatting offline that is physically present to us, todays GenZ is more interested in staying indoors that also includes spending time in gym rather than outdoor sports and games. This raises the question that is the world moving towards isolationism? Are human beings feeling more comfortable staying alone and within themselves?

Doesn't it has any side effects?

Of course it has and not one but many.

Biggest is the Mental health - Isolationism results in more negative thoughts due to lack of positive energy and positive vibes as digital tools and gadgets can only look attractive due to its very nature but in actual they are not benefitting us apart from increasing some percent of current affairs knowledge.

Is it really good being on gadgets?

We see small children who hasn't yet started going to school are having favorite YouTube channels and characters. They have favorite mobile apps and as they develop some understanding slowly, they also have favorite movie shows. Everyone in the world is consuming content that is digital, the knowledge base of people have increased no doubt in that but are we really making sure that this body is put in use the way it is really made for? Because as the number of depression and young people getting heart attacks also increasing.(Also, read about technology and mental health)

All this brings one thing in mind are we really doing justice to ourselves? Are we really doing justice to this human soul whose very simple property is it rejoice itself through interactions. It doesn't surprises me on seeing depression cases in the world rising and India ranking high along with China and USA.

I think one question everyone of us need to ask ourselves is, Is life really only about money? Does this soul gets 'moksh' or say real happiness through social media followers?

The answer is no. This is only addition to already existing materialistic things in this world that are only creating buzz and noise but aren't going to go with us, after wards. It is just part of the big capitalist society ruling since ages on the human minds.

Human beings have always been enslaved to materialism and now, only the medium has changed. While once having a well furnished and good looking sharp 'talwar' or 'Kirpan' was considered a proud thing to the well built and strong horses , to well functioning guns and now top notch mobile phones and followers and subscribers on social media.

Well that comparison may sound funny but look at it where we are heading, isolation is the new normal and people love being along , this loneliness is not to achieve great things and do good to humans and give back to society but to earn materialistic things that aren't actually something worth to the soul. This soul is much happy without this but we have made ourselves believe that this is the only thing that makes us happy and on same end, the impact this makes on our psychology is unseen and huge. (Also, read bout benefits of meditation and the mental health)

When in a society children are not speaking to parents and their closed ones and parents aren't talking to children , that too not because of work but isolation and joy in being alone, this is not a good indication for a society as a whole. Of course it is said that we shall never look at people and be happy with our own self. But this aloofness is not that in fact this is rising up anxiety level because we are continuously into those reels and YouTube videos trying to consume more and more faster.

Remember one thing when a depression or suicide case happens it is not the person who went wrong their. but the society who fails.

Isolation due to technology and social media is creating an impact of physical health as well, as no one likes to move from their bed when they are on phone, we can imagine visuals in our home every evening and morning. Everybody is busy in checking where other people are vacaying or buying rather than having a good family time. (Check how social media instils fear of body image and it's side effects)

This not only makes a person lethargic but instills some thoughts that are not good for you not for your family and not for the society.

Social media has created jealous behavior over illusions, sadly some are envious of things, relationships and lifestyles that don't even exist.

stay tuned for more.

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