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Gen-Z, digital sphere and their new norms

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The new generation termed as gen-Z a short form for Generation-Z, colloquially known as ‘zoomers’, is entrusted to people succeeding Millennials and preceding generation alpha.

Their birth bracket is set to be around 1997-2010s. This generation is said to have brought a breath of fresh air to the staid lifestyle and working norms of the corporate world. Just as anything and everything has a critical viewpoint, the ethics of this generation attract a lot of criticism as well.

They are believed to be so engrossed in gadgets and the digital sphere, that they have maintained a fair distance from nature and the outer world. Electronic devices have replaced books, video games have replaced conventional physical sports and video calls have no doubt ousted the physical meetings.

The pandemic has also proved to be a catalyst in the rampant shift when people of all generations were compelled to turn to the Gen-Z way of doing things. This generation has just stepped into the working world and their norms and ways of handling things have attracted quite a lot of attention.

Quiet-quitting, a phase that is so popular among the gen-z people is no more just a trending hashtag on Twitter. People say it is not as recent as it is thought to be, Quiet-quitting is as old as time, people had just not assigned a term to it. Quiet-quitting in simple terms is ‘taking a break from work, and prioritizing oneself’. The term has been defined and re-defined in various ways. It is basically a subtle way of not quitting the job altogether but quitting the idea of going above and beyond.

These people say that you are still performing your responsibilities, it is just a notion in which you are not subscribing to the hustle culture mentally and believing that not every aspect of our life has to revolve around work.

People on the famous video-sharing app TikTok have been trending this phrase adding their own viewpoints. Another group of minds doesn’t really relate to the idea of assigning a name to this notion as they believe this practice has been ubiquitous from times old.

In all, the say is that the Gen-Z is prioritizing oneself over the burdensome work and arduous responsibilities. Work-life balance is indeed necessary and must be given its due importance.

Another phenomenon that is valorized by the Gen-Z is the ‘Goblin mode’.

A newly invented term in the zeitgeist again birthed on social media apps, the term embraces the comforts of depravity and a direct departure from the ‘cottagecore’ influence of early pandemic days. It embraces the shift from the pleasant aesthetic to the #UnapollogeticallyMe. In simple terms, it is the mode that abandons the eye-catching organized way of living and espouses living comfortably and how one likes to be. Okay, let's picture yourself waking up late on a Monday morning. Untidy clothes, hair all tangled and somehow wrapped by a rubber band, bare-faced no makeup, going out to buy a packet of wafers from the nearby grocery store, being dug in your comfortable couch enjoying your favorite show. This exactly is the ‘Goblin Mode’.

Its influence rose during the pandemic days when there was no social pressure of dressing up or looking your best self, you could not have taken a shower, in your night suit attending your important meetings. In a world where being the perfect version of yourself is followed religiously, Goblin mode is just the opposite. People on Twitter and Tiktok have shared their goblin mode videos in which they completely abandon comparing their bodies, routines, and appearances to the ‘norma’. Again anything going beyond limits can prove detrimental, so, there is a healthy Goblin mode and a Destructive Goblin mode. The balance becomes an important tool even here.

This generation is definitely on a path to tweak the norms and live their life in better ways. Many scholars underestimated this new breeze of thoughts, they saw this generation to be too coddled and soft. With changing times, this thought is also being reconsidered as they enter the workplace. Big companies and manufacturers have also adopted new ways to cater to the needs of this generation.

As Deloitte says “To attract Gen Z, employers must be ready to adopt a speed of evolution that matches the external environment.

That means developing robust training and leadership programs, with a real and tangible focus on diversity.

” They are the future, we can not live in denial for long. Gen Zers are “thoughtful, compassionate and hardworking” and they’ll call out policies and behaviors they disagree with – Beth Kennedy.

By our Member - Sophia Kundu




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